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Guangzhou Corporation
            Guangzhou Marine Automation engineering Co. LTD.was founded on July. 9th ,2006,with origional name of Guangzhou Marine Automation engineering department which established in 2004,registered capital of RMB500,000.It’s located in Guangzhou Huangpu district Easten Town International Building 29th floor, owning convenient traffic environment .The company is specialized in researchdevelopmentproduction and sales of industrial automation equipment and shipping units as product installationcommissioning and repair services businesses. With Strong technical force, it owns product research and Tianjin two branches of professional engineering and technical and automated management personnel exceeding 40, more than 560 square meters of office space and improve the production equipment and instrument test equipment.
            Since the foundation of the company ,we have established a good longterm partnership with the well- known domestic and international ship services management companies such as Cosco groupChina Shipping GroupCOSCO(H.K) Shipping Co.LTD .Singapore Raffles Shipmanagement Services Pts.Ltd Yujin International Ltd (An AIM listed company on the London Stock Exchange) etc. The projects we undertake includes ship automation engineering system design, installation, debugging and maintenance engineering and ports, Bridges and control equipment of the house shipyard, installation, debugging and maintenance etc, gathering rich operation experience.In addition the company and China Shipping Industry BLM Shipyard, COSCO(Guangdong) Shipyard Co.LTD, China Shipbuilding Huangpu Shipyard, Guangzhou Shipyard LLC Wenchong Shipbuilding Division and other ship repair unit signed a longterm cooperation agreement outside expertise unit. Relying on sophisticated technology and high-quality, attentive service personnel we have won wide recognition in the industry and the major maritime users deeper trust and praise.
         focus culture :carry marine automat culture forward,creat first-class service brand
Tianjin Branch
          Guangzhou Marine Automation engineering Co. LTD.Tianjin Branch was established in April 2009,as  Guangzhou Marine Automation Engineering Company  an important branch,
with strong human and technical resources, extensive repair of marine electrical automation engineering experience,Binhai New Area as the basis for the main Northern repair ship automation engineering projects.
Hong Kong Branch
          Hong Kong is China's major foreign trade port, with a unique regional advantages and resources.In 2009, to expand overseas business, Guangzhou Marine Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong to set up joint ventures in Guangzhou Marine(Hong Kong) Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.Mainly in charge of the engineering and overseas shipping companies cooperation projects, including ship automation system design engineering, installation, alteration, commissioning and maintenance and other projects.
           Hong Kong company set up to strengthen the Guangzhou Marine Automation engineering Co. LTD cooperation with overseas well-known shipping companies RAFFLES & GBLT & GOOD FALTH ,better enhance the routine inspection and maintenance of service quality, more properly deal with catastrophic failure quickly and efficiently.With reliable technology, high quality service has won the domestic and foreign counterparts and the customer acclaim.
Business Scope 
        Main/aux engine remote control system and safety protect monitor system & E/R monitor system & boiler & incinerator & oil purifier & oil separator & 15PPM & generator & main switch panel & pneumatic/electric auto PID control of temperature and pressure & I.G. S. & O. D. M. E & oil mist detector & fire alarm & smoke detector & Auto pilot & oxygen and H2S and CO and combustible etc gas analyze to be calibrate and certification of proof & all automation system in the ship .
Self-developed products
     Professional R & D center to research, development and production as a whole, has been selling products on the market building a bridge navigational watch alarm, 16 alarm module.

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